Eftichia's House

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The Appartment

“Eftichia’s House” is a spacious apartment, particularly attentive, that can comfortably accommodate up to 9 people. It is located in a central point of the city, next to the church of Agios Dimitrios. Easy access to all the sights of the historical center (Rotunda, Arch of Galerius, White Tower, Byzantine churches, AUTH, Ladadika, Bitzar , in the popular entertainment area of Valaoritou-Syngrou, Upper Town, Town Hall and Courthouse).

“Eftichia’s House” features three (3) spacious bedrooms with large storage spaces, which are fitted with 2 double and 3 single beds, while amenities include a baby park and a children’s seating for a table. 
It was prepared with a special taste and is a very beautiful apartment with a facade in Aghios Dimitriou Street and the Governor’s Square which, from lunchtime, is bathed in a wonderful natural light!